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A beach bum must have a list of beaches to visit, while a person in need of a real tropical vacation must be seeking for the same beaches. Beaches offer a great place to relax and be calm. They are nice places to go and get away from the stress of life. For your benefit, here are some of the best tropical beaches around the world. These beaches must be included in a beach lovers hall of fame.

A very popular place to have a tropical vacation is in the Caribbean. There are many cruises that go here because there is such a wide variety of places to see. There huge islands like Jamaica with it's dense forests to tiny islands like St. Thomas. Whatever your pleasure, you can find it in this region. The islands are all filled with beautiful and wide white sand beaches that are surrounded by crystal blue water. If you are looking for a place that is not very far, but can offer you a unique vacation holiday, Hawaii should be a top consideration.

The pristine islands and surf-worthy ocean and beaches feature their natural beauty. You can even hold your dream wedding in these fantastic islands. In addition, it is one of the prime destinations all over the world so you will not find it hard to arrange your most awaited tropical getaway. Every airline drops by Hawaii, but you will be surprised that this destination does not seem to get beaten by the number of vacationers each year. Are you looking for a vacation spot apart from the Caribbean or Hawaii? If you are a beach bum, you have probably frequented these beaches already that you are now looking for a different summer escapade. If you want to experience a more exotic vacation, travel to any of the Asian beaches that are mostly recommended by word of mouth. Thailand may be in your list as the Ko Phi Phi beach has been immortalized in the movie, The Beach. You can further delight yourself over the sandy beaches and islands, as well as Thais spicy delicacies. If you like diving, a good place to visit then is the Gili islands in Indonesia. or Wisata Bandung

This is a chain of three very small islands. There is no real tourist infrastructure here. Gili Trawangan is famed for its white beaches, coral and tropical fish-laden waters, and big party scene. There is incredible diving here and for those looking to get somewhere well off the beaten path, this place would be it. When you are thinking about taking a tropical vacation, think about these exotic locations. Youll find that these locations will be the best to get away from Paket Wisata Bandung the crowds, enjoy great beaches, disconnect from the world, and finally get back to yourself and relax. Thats the most important thing you want during a great vacation.
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