Things to do in Singapore

If you are a heading to Paket Tour Singapore 2017, there are a number places you can travel to and revel in. Although Singapore can be described as small city having population fewer than five million people, it provides a terrific holiday and vacation chance for everyone from around the world. This place is amazing, spotless and safe for the traveller. The little island has three international airports, so it proves how many people goes in and out of the country everyday.

To begin with, you can travel to this place call the Sentosa, which is located about 10 minutes from the main city area. This island is one big playground with many different sightseeing attractions including the Underwater World, a marine life oceanarium with many different marine species and Universal Studios, which happens to be a section of the new integrated resort in Sentosa.

Sentosa has recently build more new attractions that fits everyone. If you ever have a desire to gamble, there is a casino within the integrated resort also. You can actually go to the Fort Siloso Museum, where one can have a walk back to the time of British occupancy in Singapore.

There is also a beach along the southern side of the island which are full of activities on the weekends. Many people would bring their mats for a picnic and beach parties here. Siloso beach is considered the most popular and packed, while Palawan beach is fast catching up. There are numerous beach bars along the beach. Tanjong beach is a more secluded part of the southern coast if you prefer peace and tranquility.

There are so many tourist attractions in Singapore and the Sentosa is just one of the many. There is also the Singapore Zoological Garden, the Jurong Bird Park, Chinatown, Little India and lots more things to do in Singapore. Be prepared to spend at least 5 days to completely tour around and enjoy the city. Whether you are travelling in a group with fixed iteneries or travelling on your own, Singapore's places of interests will not disappoint you.


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