Ok, picture this. You're in an island paradise in Bali. You're kicking back, having a good time and just enjoying every second of this experience. But, you have a lot of time in your hands and might just yearn for a little exploration. And why not? After all, Indonesia has over 17,000 islands. There's got to be some paradises that can either match or even exceed Bali. And guess what, you are right. So, hop on a boat and let's do some exploring in around the island of Flores. Say hello to the Katharina, your boat and home for the next nine days. From here, we'll reveal just a small fraction of what Indonesia is. These are still some of the most beautiful areas of the country, nonetheless. Cast off and set sail east towards the Gili Islands.
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Small and free of today's modern conveniences like cars and motor bikes, the waters around them are blue and full of marine life. Dive in there and see for yourself. Your sailing continues. You'll visit a whole ton of islands, some tiny some moderate in size with time to visit the area's resident sea gypsies. You'll also get a few hours to yourself. And what can you do during that time? Perhaps a swim, snorkel (diving can always be arranged, by the way) or just plain old relaxing by the boat.
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Your holiday, your choice. A special mention goes out to Rinca island. Why? That's because it is your spot for wildlife exploration. That's right; you'll see wildlife in its natural setting with both a seaside and land experience. If you are one of those skeptics who think dragons do not exist, well head over to Komodo. You must've heard of the Komodo Dragon, right? Well, believe in them because dragons are real! These giant lizards are rare and only live in these parts. From here, we'll take you to Red Beach.
And yes, the name rings true to its surroundings. The sand is red here. Our next port of call is Gili Lawa where you can hike to the top of a small summit for breathtaking views of the Komodo Archipelago and mainland Flores. Before you go, we'll make your last night memorable. We'll anchor off Pulau Kromo on the northwest coast of Sumbawa for a farewell party with the Katharina crew. As the night starts to kick in, see thousands of fruit bats. Nothing to be frightened of.
They are just migrating to the mainland for the evening. Continue on with your party. Rise up and enjoy your last moments onboard the Katharina as your cruise concludes at Benoa Harbor in Bali before sunset. A vast country like this surely has limitless touring opportunities, right? Check out our Indonesia tours page and be inspired! website on a Cruise and Bask in the Numerous Island Paradises in and around Bali and Flores tiket pesawat murah