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Surabaya is Indonesia's most popular tourist city that takes its position close to the shores of the east Java Sea. The city has a natural port from where ferries and ships start, and reach various port cities of Indonesia. Surabaya also takes the pride of being the second largest among all Indonesian cities and is the capital of the East Java Province too. Tourist opportunities are stretched to the horizons - there are entertainment activities, shopping, beaches, parties, museums, parks, etc. for every age and budget. This article features major attractions, food, beaches and even tips on selecting your Surabaya, Indonesia hotels and stay.
Bromo Mountain
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What to See

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1. Suramadu National Bridge - bridges the gap between Surabaya and Madura, and that's why the name Suramadu - exists to be the longest bridge in the nation. Standing on the bridge to see the city or away from the bridge to see its beauty, both give you immense happiness through the interesting views.

2.2. Sanggar Agung Temple - this Chinese temple is close to the bridge, and has interesting religious statues all through the temple complex. Buddha on one side and a Goddess on the other side are there for worships.

What to Do
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1. Undoubtedly the beaches first The east Java beaches are paket wisata karimunjawa perfectly designed by the nature, appropriate for family weekends, backpackers and honeymooners. Affordable Surabaya resorts are indeed available to extend your beach holidays. Wondering what to do by stretching your beach days? Take part in scuba dive to explore the under ocean creatures, or just rent a kayak or surfing board to wave on the surface of the sea, get a healthy suntan or just enjoy the breeze. 2. Golf courses - play golf in the nature encircled spaces, pine trees usually surround the golf grounds, enjoy playing with your family.

3. Trekking - indoor and mountain trekking is provided by various tour planners. Try this challenging activity to feed your adventure spirits.

4. Bromo Mountain - is more of a desert, the days and nights have extreme weather. The most important thing is to watch the early morning sunrise and inhale fresh air for which people travel miles.

What to Eatt
Seafood for sure. Sounds obvious as Surabaya is a port city. Taste fresh seafood dishes in the inbuilt restaurants of your Surabaya Accommodation or dig your plate from the seafood vendors lined along the seashores.

1. Bebek Goreng - meaning fried duck, is one of the most popular dishes of the town. The main dish goes hand in hand with fish sauce and vegetables.

2. Goat Satay - this is a skewered goat meat cooked in shrimp sauce. Very spicy yet tasty.

3. Nasi Cumpur - traditional steam boiled rice accompanied with boiled egg, skewered meat, fried fishes and shrimps.

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